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Investments in Futures and Commodities

Ninette Denise Uzan has been a fund manager since 1993 and has headed the Viking Hedge Fund from its inception.

Back in 1999, while she only traded equities and indexes, she decided to take a large position in gold futures, even though the price had been in a downtrend for many years. Her research indicated very low risk for further downside, and huge upside potential. The Washington agreement, two months later, propelled the price of gold and her gains were very substantial. Price discrepencies caused by fear or greed are never too far from reversals. This best describes her strategy.

Ms. Uzan first analyzes macro economics as well as governmental policies and their effect on markets worldwide. Next, she studies fundamentals affecting currencies, commodities and futures and takes a forward look at events (including weather). Lastly, she includes her proprietary trading tools and her technical analysis to add timing in her decision making process.