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Ninette Denise Uzan-Nemitz has crafted a modern day version of Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, detailing the difficulties of her beginning in a boiler room to the triumph of founding her own hedge fund on Wall St. 

Far from being a vain memoir, it details the hard won philosophies, strategies and disciplines that anyone can use to begin and win as a trader.

She has been featured in the Boston Globe, the Tokyo Shimbun and Playboy. Her story is an inspiration to all those who want to take control of their financial destiny.



It is an inspirational account of what it takes to succeed on Wall Street and an insider's guide to using technical analysis to make profitable trades today.

Become a more professional trader by learning:

• Over 50 rules to make money trading
• How to avoid rookie mistakes
• How to avoid emotional traps which lead to large losses
• The basic principles for generating consistent returns
• The essential tools and indicators the pros use 
• Efficient and effective order entry and exit
• The top three time tested trading strategies
• Risk management to preserve your capital
• How to prepare your mind and your trade
• How to keep a journal of trading activities
• How to be disciplined
• Easy to follow checklists to find profitable trades

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